Leo made a series of Youtube videos in October and November of 2010 as part of a campaign to garner votes for Canada Reads 2011.  He called the series Twenty-six Reasons to vote for Twenty-six as one of the essential Canadian novels of the decade.

The CBC Bookclub podcast found the campaign interesting enough to interview Leo about it.  Check that out here: CBC Book Club Monthly. November 2010 .  Reason Number One got embedded into a CBC.CA article about the Canada Reads Long List.  Check that out here: CBC.CA article featuring Leo’s video

The book made the long list of forty, but did not squeeze into the Top Ten.

Twenty-six Reasons: The Videos
Click on the reason number at the left to link to the Youtube video.

Reason Number One It’s an important book.
Reason Number Two Deals with important socio-economic issues.
Reasons Number Three Set on the East Coast.
Reason Number Four Set in working class Canada.
Reason Number Five Great characters.
Reason Number Six A story about the cover.
Reason Number Seven How to write a book.
Reason Number Eight Contains no banjo.
Reasons Number Nine Where I’m from.
Reason Number Ten The Stellarton Miner’s Monument.
Reason Number Eleven Five dollars and forty-three cents.
Reason Number Twelve What Canada has already read.
Reason Number Thirteen Life and death.
Reason Number Fourteen Neglect.
Reason Number Fifteen A window to a different world.
Reason Number Sixteen Thank-you (From the day of the long list.)
Reason Number Seventeen Atwood’s hurtful campaign.
Reason Number Eighteen He said my name.
Reason Number Nineteen Help him.
Reason Number Twenty A word about Canada Reads.
Reason Number Twenty-one Really good ukulele players.
Reason Number Twenty-two Secret wicked bread recipe.
Reason Number Twenty-three Margaret Atwood’s tearful apology.
Reason Number Twenty-four Thinking inside the box.
Reason Number Twenty-five Please.  Stop the screaming.
Reason Number Twenty-six It’s a good book.

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