Roll Up the Rim

reduced cover for sidebarLeo’s new novel, Roll Up the Rim, is getting great reviews from media and readers alike.

What people are saying

“This book is pure pleasure. I was laughing out loud.”

–John Ross author of Shakespeare’s Tremor and Orwell’s Cough

“The measure of a satisfying book is when you come to the next to last page, turn it and wish there was more. That’s how I reacted when I read Leo McKay Jr.’s delightful new novel, Roll Up the Rim.”

–Jodi DeLong, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“I sat down to read a few pages of Roll Up The Rim this afternoon. When I put it down I had read 278 pages. Go buy this book.”

–Will Lawrence, Maitland

“What a great read. The aspect of McKay’s writing that I have always enjoyed is the reality that he touches deep inside of the reader. There were so many times in this book that I thought… I’ve been in that old folk’s home, I’ve had this conversation or I know someone just like this.”

–Cheryl Hughes, Eston, Saskatchewan

“At its core, Roll Up the Rim is a comic novel.  There is a good cop and a bad cop, a villain who hatches a plot to beat the contest odds and land the (prize car), and a character who draws out the events in his life in comic strips.  One of the many pleasures of the novel is the frequent wink to both broad and local popular culture.”

–Ian Mallov, University of Ottawa

Roll Up the Rim is like opening a box of Timbits, one bite and suddenly all that’s left is powdered sugar dribbles on your chin.”

–Paul Millman, Truro

Roll Up The Rim is the quintessential Canadian novel about underachievement and the thirst for salvation. Rich with character detail and a crushingly recognizable feeling of small town, the tone is comic but tinged with the sadness of people stuck and looking for a way out. Or not.”

–Shawn Macdonald, Vancouver

“I loved this book!”

–Janice Dickson, London, Ontario

Where to get yours

Buy a signed copy directly from Leo through his bandcamp page. Click here to find out how: Bandcamp link.

Buy an ebook copy from Kobo. Click here to find out how: Kobo link.

Buy an ebook copy from Amazon. Click here to find out how: Amazon link.

Books are also available at a growing list of booksellers in Nova Scotia. Check out Chapters at Micmac Mall in Dartmouth, Coles in Truro, Coles in New Glasgow, or the Bookmark on Spring Garden in Halifax to get your copy.


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