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like thisHouse of Anansi, the book’s original publisher, reissued Leo’s first book, the story collection Like This, in the fall of 2014.

New cover art, freshly designed pages, and a new forward by Giller winner Lynn Coady bode well for a second life for this book.

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Roll Up the Rim Red Row HouseRollUP

Roll Up the Rim is a story of obsession, redemption, divine intervention, and donuts.

Owen, a Tim Horton’s employee, finds himself going through a quarter life crisis of sorts. Unhappy with his job, with his living conditions, and with his relationships, he focuses what little sense of hope he has on the Roll Up the Rim to Win contest. Every day he must park his rusted-out Escort in the same parking lot where a contest display vehicle sits perched on a platform above mere mortal cars.

Owen’s obsession, and  his motley assortment of friends and hangers-on, lead him down a sad, but madcap and entertaining road to disaster.

“The measure of a satisfying book is when you come to the next to last page, turn it and wish there was more. That’s how I reacted when I read Leo McKay Jr.’s delightful new novel, Roll Up the Rim.”

–Jodi DeLong, Halifax Chronicle Herald

Roll Up the Rim is now available for purchase at Coles in Truro and at Coles in New Glasgow. More east coast bookstores will follow soon.

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Twenty-six McClelland and Stewart

An ambitious first novel, centred around a fictional mine disaster in small town Nova Scotia.  Inspired by real events, Twenty-six examines the lives of characters before and after the tragedy, and probes deeply into family loyalties, survivor guilt, and key issues (personal choices, economic pressures, family expectations)  surrounding the very worst-case scenario of workplace safety: death on the job.  Twenty-six manages to face the darkest depths of human tragedy while remaining an essentially optimistic book: a book about love, a book about loyalty, a book about how to wrestle life from the jaws of death.

“If you are able to read just a single piece of Canadian fiction this spring, it should be Twenty-Six, by Leo McKay Jr.”  — VANCOUVER SUN

“Swift, honest, unsentimental storytelling and characters, both real and imagined, vivid enough to rise above their hard, often tragic lives. [Twenty-Six] hits you like the kick of a miner’s drill.”  — MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE

“What McKay shares with Hemingway is the invisibility of technique. The word that stuck in my mind as I read Twenty-Six was ‘clarity’…. Clarity is the miracle that chugs away at the heart of Twenty-Six.”  — THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“Knockout debut novel bound for classic status. Twenty-Six resonates with style, lyricism, and compassion…. An impressive work of fiction that pulsates with imaginative life…. It can be placed alongside Each Man’s Son, Mercy Among the Children, Fall on Your Knees and No Great Mischief. It’s that good.”  — KITCHENER-WATERLOO RECORD

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Like This House of Anansi

Leo McKay Jr.’s first book is a collection of stories set in the hard-scrabble neighborhood called The Red Row.  Characters struggle with and among themselves to achieve self-determination, articulation, and dignity.  A Giller Prize Finalist, this collection of short stories has garnered universal praise from critics.

“McKay has the force of writing disciplined by honesty…  these are stories you can lean on.  They work because every phrase works, every detail evokes a life… thank God for literary awards that bring writers of Leo McKay’s calibre to our attention.”  — THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“These eleven stories are touching, even gut-wrenching, intelligent, and subtle.”  — THE OTTAWA CITIZEN

“McKay uses closely observed settings and a finely tuned ear for dialogue to present a gritty, uncompromising vision of small town Nova Scotia that is both compelling and disturbing.”  — THE HALIFAX CHRONICLE-HERALD

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