Looking Back at 2013

26 Dec

2013 was an eventful year. And since most of what happened to me as a writer in 2013 began in the spring of 2012, it was also a longer year than usual.

Publishing my second novel with my own publishing house was a huge project. And when you combine the writing, financing, publishing, promoting, and marketing of Roll Up the Rim, it was a project that took most of a decade. Every writing project is a huge learning experience for the writer. Because the book you write has never been written before, a huge part of writing any book is teaching yourself how to write it. But this time around I had to teach myself many, many more things.

I wish to thank all the people who encouraged or helped me along the way, especially those who bought copies of Roll Up the Rim, or who came to book launches. I wish to thank anyone who told someone else about my Facebook page or about how to buy the book on Bandcamp. Anyone who wrote anything good about my work this year, whether in social media or in the old school press: Thanks.

I look forward to more creative projects in 2014. I have another novel I continue to work on. I have a strange and perhaps un-doable idea for a collaborative community art project that may get off the ground this year. There is also the possibility, if my fair-weather friends in the Toronto publishing world are true to their word (not holding my breath here, so you should not either), that 2014 will see the re-release of my first book, the collection of stories called Like This. If this does come about, I have a few ideas for promotion of that book, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And my sincere wishes for a good year in 2014.


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