In the works for this week

28 Apr
Coles in Truro will soon carry Roll Up the Rim

Coles in Truro will soon carry Roll Up the Rim

Since Roll Up the Rim has been in print (now almost two months, hard to believe), I’ve been focused on a step-by-step plan for making the book available to readers. Step one was mailing and delivering the book (and ebook) to IndieGogo contributors, the kind folks who made the book possible in the first place. Next was launching the book in events across the province. Next was setting myself up at the Truro Farmers Market to hand-sell copies of the novel to people in and around Truro.

This coming week will likely mark the crossing of several new boundary lines in this process.

First, by the end of the retail day on Monday, April 28, Roll Up the Rim will be available for purchase at Coles books in the Truro Mall. There may be as many as two more bookstores in the province selling the book shortly thereafter.

Also, all the online forms are currently being filled out and all the uploads being made to allow for ebook sales.

This is a very exciting time. Stay tuned here at the blog, or by Facebook or Twitter as these things develop.


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