Next week

19 Feb
Next week there will be printed paper books of Roll Up the Rim.

Next week there will be printed copies of Roll Up the Rim.

Well. I have finally, after many last minute glitches and repairs, told Advocate Printing in Pictou to “Push the Print Button.” They told me to expect books one week from today.

I am excited. I am exhausted. I am terrified.

Here’s what my schedule looks like:

If I get printed copies in the middle of next week, I will not be able to complete the mail out to IndieGogo contributors until the weekend. That means that I, along with my little volunteer elves, will be addressing and stuffing envelopes on Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd. Which means I will actually physically put the envelopes in the mail on Monday, March 4. I am going to do my best to work with Robert Currie of Spectacle Group in Halifax to get ebooks to IndieGogo contributors at about the same time that people will be receiving paper books.

After that, I’d like to have several book launch events: one in Truro and one in New Glasgow at least. But I’d also like to get to Halifax, the Valley, and maybe even Sydney. I’ll post more information about those events as they firm up.

Wow. I both cannot believe this is happening and cannot believe it has not happened long before now!



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