Red Row House Books

26 Sep

All the excitement about the One Book Nova Scotia events has pushed aside the news about my soon to be published novel, Roll Up the Rim.

That project is still underway, and I am very pleased to be in the position to announce the name of the imprint: Red Row House, and to unveil the logo below.

Mark Hamilton designed the logo based around a slightly modified version of an original image that he somehow coaxed out of me. Yes. I drew the image myself, though I do not draw.

This logo is essentially an image of the house I grew up in. In fact, it’s an image of most of the houses in the neighborhood I grew up in. If you glance at the top of this website, you’ll see a photo of the neighborhood, taken in the mid 1960s,  from the backyard of my family home.

The name Red Row House and this image are significant to me in ways impossible to fully explain. But I’m very pleased with this logo, which will appear on the spine of the printed book, and on an inside page in the front matter. The story of how the logo came about, and how my friend Mark conceived of its creation, is a case study in the trial and error method of idea generation. I hope to write about that experience in more detail soon. For now, I present the logo:

This is the logo for the imprint that will publish my new novel: Roll Up the Rim


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