Preview of names

7 Aug

I’m publishing the following lists before submitting them to page layout, probably on Friday of this week. If you contributed $100 or more to the Indiegogo campaign, your name should appear on this list. Please let me know if I’ve left you out or spelled your name wrong. Once books are printed, it’s too late for revision!

If you contributed 50 to 99 dollars, your name will be published soon, on this website and on Facebook. But online lists can be revised instantly and without hassle, so I’m not so uptight about getting that list correct from the very start.

Thanks for everything.

Co-published by

Dianne Powell


Kevin Engel and Angela Power


Velma Ferguson

Robert Hughes

Frankie Jesty

J. Adam Kelderman



Lisa Annand

Jake Bruce

Terry Cameron

Suzanne Copan

Adam Dionne

Jean and Chalmers Doane

Rebecca Dobson

Angela Dwyer-James

Lynne Evans

Jessica Everitt

Janet Harrington

Cheryl Hughes

Heather Johnson

Sara Knežević

Jenn Giles

Jim Gormley

Aaron Larter

Joan Langevin Levack

Matthew Leybourne

Karen Macdonald

Shawn Macdonald

Liz MacKay

Adam MacLellan

Bill McCrone

Alan McKay

Sarah B. Millman

Conor Purdy

John Ross

Martin Ross

Mark Rushton

Steve Snowdon

Melanie Strong

Linda Thompson

Tim Yorke


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