The continuing story

28 Jul

In order to make an independently published book look a little spiffier and less cobbled together, I’ve been working with a logo designer on a logo and imprint name (publisher name) under which the novel will be published. I just got what is probably the final draft of that logo back this week, so I’ll be posting that here soon.

There is further work on illustration that is in the works and it looks like it’s going to happen. So when the details of all that get worked out, I’ll put that up here as well.

I have got sample pages back from the layout designer. I actually am about to look at them for the first time a few minutes after this post, so I’m excited about that.

Cataloguing in publication, which is the registration of a book with a central library system, has finally been completed for both the paper book and the ebook versions of Roll Up the Rim. I had erroneously listed my year of birth as 1664 on the original application, which slowed down the process considerably.

There are some final conversations I must have with the corporation concerned about trademark issues as they relate to this project. I’m hoping that turns out well for us all.

So many details. So many loose ends. I just have to keep making to-do lists, and keep working my way through the lists.

I’ll post more as it’s available.


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