A very important thank-you: Marnie Woodrow

10 Jul

As I’ve been laboriously making my way through this mammoth project of funding and independently publishing my new novel, I’ve taken time along the way to take note of people who are contributing to the project.

I’ve just completed the final draft of the novel, the draft that I will soon send on to the designer to lay out the pages. Now seems a good time to thank someone who has been instrumental in getting the book to this stage: Literary Editor, Marnie Woodrow.

I do not know Marnie personally, in fact, we have never met in person.  She was recommended to me by someone whose professional judgment I trust, and I am very glad I took that recommendation.

Good editing is crucial, indispensable, for any book. In fact, if I could give a single piece of advice to anyone thinking about independent publishing, that advice would be: hire a good editor.

Marnie Woodrow is a very good editor. For a reasonable fee, she provided me with 14 pages of general comments on my manuscript, and careful, line-by-line advice (suggested deletions, probing questions, feedback about story progress) for the whole book.

Her reading of the work was insightful, her comments were very helpful, and having reworked the book with her feedback in mind, I’m so much more confident about its quality. If you have a similar project, I suggest you approach Marnie about helping you with it. Here’s a link to her website:

Marnie’s Website

Thanks, Marnie.


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