Cover art, Logo, ISBN, Corporate Relations

17 May

A busy day today in publish an independent book world.

First, after signing secret documents on the advice of a lawyer, I forwarded the manuscript of Roll Up the Rim to the branding division of Tim Horton’s International. As my advisors have told me: “Let’s hope they decide to get behind this instead of in front of it.”

Second, I had another very productive meeting with graphic designer Ben Brush. He showed me the printed versions of the entire suite of images related to the book, including the artwork for the front cover, which is very close to being finalized. I am really, really excited about what he’s done. I showed him a sample book that is the exact size I want Roll Up the Rim to be, and which has a style of cover that I want. He’s got the front cover more or less done, as I’ve said, but there is the back cover, the book spine, and two more surfaces to work on. That young man has an impressive work ethic. Smart persons will hire him.

Third, I made an agreement with a logo designer to develop several images we’ve been discussing into a flexible logo for the imprint (publisher) that the novel will be published under. I honestly can’t wait until that image, and the name of the imprint, are finalized so I can have a big reveal in a few weeks.

Lastly, I just applied for an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for Roll Up the Rim. Getting this number will be one of the keys to making the book available from more places than the trunk of my car.

Next up: Registering with the Library of Congress and getting one of those cool QR codes that can be read by smart phones (I don’t really know what they do, but I want one, I want one!)


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