Roll Up the Rim update

12 May

Sometimes a ‘To don’t’ list is even more important.

The process of getting this novel published is well underway. Everything is going on behind the scenes at the moment, where it might be easy for people, many of whom have paid good money to see this project through, to assume nothing is happening.

Many, many things are happening. Here is what has gone on and what is going on:

1. Last weekend I finished my personal final draft of the novel (still have not counted drafts, but that one had to be number 10 or more). I sent the manuscript to the editor I’ve hired (I won’t release her name without clearing it with her first) and paid her to do an editing job that will take most of the month of May.

2. I have made an agreement with a book designer who will lay out the pages when it gets back from the editor and I’ve had another go through it.

3. I have made an arrangement with a copy editor to edit the book in page proof form.

4. I am, with the help of legal counsel, in the midst of a discussion with the Tim Horton’s corporation that will allow them to take a peek at the contents of the book.

5. I am working with a logo designer who is making a graphic I can use for my publishing imprint.

6. I have shared the manuscript with a professional publicist and marketing person and will meet with her soon to discuss the possibility of a marketing campaign for the book.

7. I have chosen the final dimensions for the book and have just contacted the cover artist about having a meeting to discuss the entire cover: front, back, spine, front inside flap, back inside flap.

8. I’m making an inquiry today for some help with ebook setup.

So this is the process so far.  Lots to do. Lots to learn. Stay tuned as the days and weeks roll on.


2 Responses to “Roll Up the Rim update”

  1. Debbie May 13, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Leo, #4, Doesn’t TH see the potential publicity in this? Never mind that you are involved in writing this? What is wrong with people? #5, Ben. Why not Ben?!

    • Leo McKay Jr. May 15, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

      TH’s concerns are legitimate. I can understand where they are coming from, so far. At this point, they just want to read the manuscript. If they meet certain conditions, I’ll let them do that. As my lawyer has said: “I hope they see they should get behind this and not in front of it.”

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