The thank-you list (layer one)

6 Apr

I almost cannot believe I’m saying this. The campaign has succeeded. Enough funding has been raised to independently publish my novel Roll Up the Rim. The indiegogo page will continue to accept funds until May 2. You can click the button on the right to link through.

I owe so much to so many right now. The most obvious thank-you’s belong to the contributors to the campaign. Thank you all.

I’m going to focus for a moment on some of the less obvious people. People who have helped me in invaluable ways behind the scenes. Some of these I’ve already mentioned in other posts and a couple I haven’t.

Will Fisher, jazz drummer. He inspired me indirectly through his recent Kickstarter campaign. He helped directly through specific advice and through providing me with his master’s research paper on online funding. Thank-you, Will.

Chad Peck, teacher, musician, record label owner. He inspired indirectly through his own creative independence. He helped directly through specific advice and encouragement. Thank-you, Chad.

Ben Brush, graphic designer. His killer logo gave me the confidence that the campaign could project a professional image. Wait till you see his awesome cover art! Thank-you, Ben.

Steven Berry, video artist. His video was and remains the centre-piece of the campaign. The quiet and competent way he put the video together and the professional polish on the video itself have been key to the campaign’s success. Thank-you, Steven.

For specific advice about strategy I hit up two pro’s:

Suzanne Copan, childhood friend, fellow Red Rower and marketing brain. Thank-you, Suzanne.

Diane Faulkner, publishing world insider, PR maven, and all around generous soul. Thank-you, Diane.

Media coverage proved vital, even in the short time it took the campaign to succeed. I want to thank Sarah Millman of the Truro Daily News for getting a complete scoop on the story, going to print online just as the campaign was going live. I also want to thank Peter Darbyshire of the Vancouver Province for shedding some West Coast light on the whole issue of online funding.


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