Tomorrow at

1 Apr

Crossing my fingers and getting ready to press 'start' on the funding campaign.

Tomorrow this link will go live:

Tomorrow I click the start button. Tomorrow is day one of a short 30 days that are going to make or break this project.

Why I’m excited: In many ways my recent experience of promoting my work online has invigorated me and awakened an independent literary entrepreneurial spirit that a successful campaign would help me continue with.

Why I’m terrified: If the campaign does not reach its goal, I will experience public humiliation. And I might as well admit that upfront. I’m doing with this campaign what people call “putting myself out there” (a phrase I dislike quite a bit, actually), taking a big risk and calling everyone’s attention to the fact I’m taking it. Failure in this campaign will also mean that my dream of Indie Writerdom is harder to attain than I thought, which will be a disappointment.

But I feel ready for whatever happens. I have already learned a tonne in this process, and the next 30 days will teach me even more. So bring it on!


One Response to “Tomorrow at”

  1. Kathleen Tingley April 2, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    Good luck Leo! 🙂

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