Introducing Video Artist Steven Berry

17 Mar

Steven is obviously much better than I at improvising a face for a snapshot while turned toward the direct sunlight.

I just spent the better part of the afternoon with Steven Berry. Steven is originally from Truro, but he lives in Halifax now, where he is a camera man, editor, and writer with the CBC. The video component of the Indiegogo campaign is crucial to the campaign’s success, so I wanted someone I knew could do a professional job.

Steven is a great guy, and it was fun to hangout and chat a bit while he was setting up shots. But what I really appreciated was his professional sense of how to set up shots, and how to shoot footage that is not really part of the substance of the video, but will provide visual context and links between other footage. This is the sort of thing that non-professionals might be able to intuit on their own, but only with a huge learning curve and a mountain of trial an error.

I actually meant to do my own little iPod video diary of the process of shooting the video, a sort of video video. But I have been so anticipating this day that I completely forgot, which was probably for the best, anyway. It takes enough mental focus to make one video.

I ended up running to his car at the last second for the snapshot above.

At any rate. The footage is with Steven now. He’s got to edit it into a three-minute package. I can’t wait to see it.

I realize how important it is to know excellent people. The whole funding idea behind the campaign I’ve been gearing up to is based on the concept that creative people have access to community support through electronic media. But without the support of creative people in the non-online world — people like Steven Berry and Ben Brush (who I introduced you to yesterday) the campaign could not even get off the ground.

Thank-you, Steven.


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