Introducing Graphic Designer Ben Brush

16 Mar

A snapshot from a meeting Ben and I had earlier today. The location, even the objects featuring prominently in the photo, are of great significance to the project we’re discussing. But details will have to wait until a further date.

As the launch date for my Indiegogo campaign draws closer, I’m going to start making a few reveals. I’m not ready to release the name of the new book yet. I’m not ready to show any artwork. I’m not yet going to release any of the actual text or even video or audio of me reading from the text. Not yet.

But now seems like a good time to introduce you to the graphic designer who has been diligently working on several designs and images for the book.

Ben Brush is an artist, graphic designer, and graphic design student from Truro. We have actually been in touch about this project for months, and the first sketches Ben showed me in relation to my new novel date way back to the spring of 2011, almost a year ago. Ben has a great eye, comes up with fun, creative ideas, and has shown great patience in his willingness to look at sketches I’ve made that barely make any sense to me!

Check out some of his work on his Facebook page:


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