30 Crucial Days

15 Mar

I hit a pothole today on the road to funding this independent publishing project.

I have been working away behind the scenes, getting ready to launch my Indiegogo funding campaign. This Saturday I am scheduled to shoot the promo video, which is a key ingredient at the Indiegogo site. In my mind, the whole way through this journey so far, I’ve had two numbers lodged in my head: $8000 is the amount of money I’m going to have to raise in order to pay for editing, printing, formatting and promotion. 90 days is the length of time I wanted to give myself to raise the money. My plan has always been to opt for what Indiegogo calls Fixed Funding, which means that if I reach the financial goal I’ve set within the allotted time, I get to keep all the funds raised. If I do not reach that goal, all the money gets refunded to the contributors. This is an excellent option for me, mostly because in order for me to do anything with this project, I essentially need all of the money. I can’t print half a book. I can’t have the manuscript partially edited.

Just this morning, though, working my way through the fine print of the online setup process at Indiegogo.com, I noticed a major snag. Indiegogo offers a maximum of 30 days to a Fixed Funding campaign.

There are positive aspects to this. If the campaign succeeds, I’ll have the funding two months earlier, which will make my goal of a fall launch for the book much more attainable. It also means that the time I’ll have to devote to frantically promoting the campaign is mercifully reduced by two-thirds.

However. Eight thousand dollars is a lot of money. And thirty days is a short period of time. I’m going to have to focus intently on that thirty days. And I’m going to be relying heavily on you: my online friends and supporters. The campaign will get started within the next week or so. When it does, please, help me spread the word.

I’ve said this before: Wish me luck.


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