12 Mar

Since announcing that my new book will be published independently, I have been hard at work putting together materials I’ll need to fund the project. Most of what I’ve been doing is preparation for a funding campaign through a website called Indiegogo.

Indiegogo is an online funding website that allows individuals and groups with creative ideas to appeal directly to the public for funding help. As power and resources in the creative arts drain away from record labels, movie studios, and publishers, the responsibility for producing culture is being placed to a greater and greater extent in the hands of individual artists. This shift in power and responsibility presents tremendous challenges to creative people, most of whom would rather not be bothered with the financial and behind-the-scenes production details that come with true independence. However, promotion, marketing and production can be interesting and creative in themselves if approached with a positive attitude. And there is a great feeling of exhilaration that comes with being at the forefront of a new way of doing things.

My goal is to have my own Indiegogo campaign up and running within the next seven days. Until I’ve got that to show you, I’ve attached an example, so you can see how Indiegogo works. Below is a link to the Indiegogo campaign of Paper Lions, a Prince Edward Island band seeking funding for recording an album.


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