Going Indie

4 Mar

After weeks of soul-searching, internet surfing, and having conversations with friends in the know, I have decided to take what feels like a frightening and exciting step. For my new novel, I’m going to go Indie. Following in the footsteps of the musicians I most admire, I’m going to independently produce my next book.

For writers, musicians, photographers, film makers and other creative types, the massive upheaval in the dissemination of culture that has accompanied the growth of the internet has meant great opportunity and great challenge. Never has it been easier to find an audience for creative work. But never has it been more of a challenge to get paid for this work. And let’s face it, getting paid, in some form or another is what allows people to do more work. Photographers who can sell photos can afford more time to take pictures, can afford new equipment, can fund a lifestyle that might support their art.

Writing, literature, book publishing, whatever you want to call the written artistic medium, has been slower to feel the impact of the new cultural world order. Nonetheless, Amazon.com has completely reshaped book distribution in the last decade, and the explosion of ebooks has led to two effects for writers: 1. For the first time, book piracy has become cheap, convenient, and widespread, draining money from an already trickling income stream. 2. The business model of ebooks has completely called into question the entire structure of relationships in the publishing industry.

I may go into the ups and downs of my own experiences of this maelstrom in future posts on this site. But for now, I’m getting ready to make some further announcements, make some further behind the scenes arrangements, and to ask you, the prospective audience for this upcoming book, for some help.

Wish me luck. You’ll be hearing more soon.



2 Responses to “Going Indie”

  1. Velma March 4, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

    Looking forward to reading your next book.

  2. Mel March 6, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    Looking forward to hearing your next book when it wins on Canada Reads – I have a very positive out look, and I haven’t even heard whispers about it yet – but I have read your previous works, and, if history repeats itself…and if the CBC survives…eventually one of your books will be there : )

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