Dreaming and Falling

4 Jan

I keep dreaming that I’m falling, but as I’m falling, I dream a kind of lucid, waking dream.

In the dream I am falling, and as I’m falling, I dream a lucid dream.

The dream is that I’m falling, but strangely, as I’m falling in the dream, I dream that I am falling.

I keep falling, keep dreaming, keep dreaming that I’m falling.  Falling and dreaming, dreaming and falling.  Dreaming that I’m dreaming that I’m falling in a dream.  Until suddenly, in the falling dream, I stop falling.  I dream that I have landed.  And having landed in the dream, I jolt awake to find myself in yet another dream.  Not falling now, but landed.  And having landed, I awake: jolted into a dream.  Not a dream of falling, mind you, but one of having landed.


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