Morning clarity

5 Dec

Aside from simply being there and being available, the early morning hours are well suited to writing because of the relatively uncluttered state of the human brain at five or six a.m.

Even by eight o’clock, the cares of the day start creeping in: How will I pay those bills?  Got to call the insurance agent.  Is it freezing out?  Got to salt the walk way for the letter carrier. These are picky details, and each one is important to address, eventually.   But the more the day wears on, the more room these cares take up in the brain, leaving less room, less energy for the focussed attention required by fiction writing.

I noticed this the other day when, after four days of very early mornings in a row, I did my writing a little later in the a.m.  Like ghostly footsteps on the stairs, the worries of daily life came creeping up on me, stealing my attention momentarily, here and there.

I still managed to re-focus and get my work done, but there was an extra battle to fight along the way.

God bless the early morning.


One Response to “Morning clarity”

  1. bushidoka December 5, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    Once again a parallel with Aikido. For 5 and a half years now I’ve been almost exclusively going to class at 6am. It is mainly mother necessity for me as this is the best time that fits into my family life, but I do also find this to be true that my mind is relatively free of clutter. The few times I’ve gone to class in the evening I’ve noticed the difference.

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